Care Packages

Things you should know before wrapping a package for troops

Gifting soldiers something they really need gives a new high. Our soldiers who spend a major part of their life in serving the nation are really special. Their sacrifices are great and there are no words to describe their passion for their job. Soldiers who leave their family life to protect the country from terrorists and other non-social elements lead a very minimal life wherein they are required to sleep outside in erratic climatic conditions and also fight with unwanted visitors like rodents, snakes and wild animals. Soldiers, just like normal human beings feel special when they are gifted something. You can make them feel special by sending those gifts that are not within their reach. This page will help you with necessary details which you have always been looking for. Here you can find details with which you can send your gifts to soldiers and marines without any hassles.

Q: Are you applicable to mail the parcel for free?

A: Free mailing service is provided by the postal service department and can be used only by military personnel’s who are placed in remote locations where there is inadequate postal service. To put it in right words, the free mailing service is applicable to only those who, according to the Department of Defence, are located in overseas locations. Only soldiers can send use this service and not their family and friends.

Q: how much would it cost to send a parcel?

A: The postal department would not charge you extra if you are sending a parcel to military personnel. You can just pay the regular charges charged by the department and gets your parcel delivered. Postal department of United States have fixed charges to send your parcel to Fleet Office Post (FPO) and Army/ Air Force Post Office (APO). The charge would also depend on the weight of the parcel.

Q: Package restrictions- if any?

A: There are many restrictions when it comes to sending a parcel to a soldier. The parcel must not contain anything that is objectionable. The contents of the package must also not target the sentiments of opposite sex, caste, religion et al. Donors must also consider that they should not send alcoholic beverages which are strictly prohibited. Illegal substances and crackers should also not be a part of the parcel. Donors must also consider that their parcel should not exceed the maximum length of 72 inches in any category. To get an idea of more restrictions imposed by the postal department check the postal bulletin or the postal service computer terminals.

Q: where to find addresses of personnel’s posted in United States Marine Corps (USMC)?

A: Marine soldiers also feel good when they receive care parcels. To help you do that, we have recently adopted a care program. This program will help you find the addresses of marine soldiers who are posted in overseas war fields. To avail the service of this new program, you’ll have to register yourself and be an active member in the program’s forum. The requirement is strictly for security purpose and it will also help us in functioning better. If you are not so active, or are considered inactive, there is no need to worry, because you still can send your motivational letters and support the soldier in his/her endeavour, you can write in to us. Our professionals are constantly on the mission to make every soldier happy and the sole purpose of this mission was to achieve that. Top avail the benefits of this programme, you’ll have to give in some details about yourself and the service member. The details would include the rank of the personnel, name, address and mailing address etc. Your information would also include the same and you are also required to provide your relation with the serving personnel. Providing these and more information would mean that you wish to be a registered member and are agreeing to the terms and conditions of use laid by the program.

Q: Send anything and everything:

A: You can send soldiers anything and everything that you wish to send. The parcel, as mentioned, should be clean of the restricted products. Our soldiers do not have access to stores from where they can buy what they wish to. If the stores are available, they do not have time to go shopping. They visit their home for a short duration over which they do not find time to go shopping. It is the responsibility of us citizens, for whom the soldiers are fighting wars, to provide them things that they would need in day to day life. The essentials would include everything from a simple matchbox to portable DVD players. You can simply visit a super mart and start picking things that you would also need. The soldier’s needs are very much like your needs. You can send them candies, cookies, jams, tarts, cakes, bakes, mouth wash, coffee packets and of course mosquito repellents. Donors should send stuffs that are packed and can be stored. Perishable items like meat, fish and milk would be a waste of time and money. Stick to things that are mentioned in other sections of the website.

Q: Care for your package:

A: Donors usually pick things and post in through the postal department. But, there are some special packaging tips which would help the soldier to enjoy your donations for a longer run and at comfort. Always pack the products in zip pouches. This would protect the items from sand, dirt and rain. As we all know, our soldiers do their duty in erratic climate conditions and carrying a pack of cookies without zip pouches would be not that easy. Zip pouches are also reused by soldiers for other purposes. Always seal the non-heat resistant products in plastic bags to ensure that it doesn’t spoil the other item in the parcel. To know more about better packaging, visit our Care Package Tips page.

Q: Where can I get my shipping necessities?

A: offers convenient hipping necessities. The website also allows you to print the address on the parcel from your computer. The facility provided by this website is great and more and more people are following it.


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