Help soldiers enjoy their posting

Leaving your family and staying on the borders to fight wars is not easy. Our soldiers are trained to be hard, but they still have hearts that make them remember their loved ones. They too like all of us are humans who miss their loved ones dearly. The soldiers are always posted on places where they do not have access to basic necessities. Soldiers have dedicated their lives for the sake of citizens and country, but that doesn’t mean that they do not have the right to experience and taste the joy of life. We as individuals cannot do much in changing the condition of soldiers, but we can definitely help them enjoy their posting by sending them things that they need. The soldier troops posted on remote locations are in need of some products which can be sent by you. The necessities are minimal, but the happiness that these things would bring to them is unlimited. We have divided the necessities of soldiers over categories. You can select the category and send them all or some of the products in it to make them happy.

Food: Food is the fuel to human body. Our soldiers get food, but that does not satisfy their taste buds. The soldiers would want you to send them some snacks or sauces which can make their boring food taste good. Here is a small list of food items which you can send them through mail:

-Coffee (Ground/filters) 
-Hot Sauces (fast food packets - BBQ, Ketchup)
-Beef Jerky
-Pistachios and peanuts of different flavours
-Cocoa (with marshmallows)
-Power Bars / Protein Bars / Cliff Bars (that can give them instant energy when they need it)
-Candy / Gum (hard candy or heat tolerant candy like tootsie rolls)
-Drinks Mixes (singles) Kool-aid / Gatorade / Crystal Light
-Dried Fruit / Raisins
-Tuna in cans or pouches - any type

Hygiene: Soldiers like ordinary individuals care for their hygiene, but not can they go looking for a toilet when there is an emergency war. Soldiers would be lot happier if you could care a little bit for their hygiene. You can send them toiletries with which they can feel fresher and cleaner. Here is the list of toiletries that you can send the troops:

-Baby Wipes (Note this is the #1 item requested by Field Troops)
-Foot Powder (or something that will dry boots)
-Body Powder
-Disposal Razors & Shave Cream
-Tooth Paste
-Tooth Brush 
-Eye wash
-Hand Cleanser (Small / Waterless)

We often forget the women soldiers who work as hard as the men soldiers do. It is their love for the country that makes them leave their kids, husband, parents and friends back home and serve for the nation passionately. Women’s, as we all know, have to go through many physical changes through the month and soldiers are no different. If you want to help them, do send some of these products and support them in their endeavour:

-Personnel Hygiene Products (Sanitary Napkins / other)

Soldiers have to stay under the sun and moon for unlimited hours. The exposure leaves them with chapped skin and lips. They also have to sleep in the open which exposes their body to mosquitoes and other insects. You can send soldiers some products that would help them tackle these problems. Here is a small list of other products that do not come under the category of food and hygiene, but are as important as them.

-Socks (Heavy Duty / Black, White, Green & Brown): This can keep their feet’s warm in adverse weather conditions
-Hand Warmers and hand sanitizers: The field work leaves them with little time to wash their hands before meals. With this they can sanitise their hands before meals. 
-Mouse Traps: mouse traps would help them deal with the rodents that trouble them during their sleep in the open. 
-Card and or letters (Pen Pals): you can send those cards or letters to appreciate their hard work and they would feel motivated.
-AA and AAA Batteries: to run their portable devices. 
-CD's / DVD's: to keep them entertained.
-Pens / Pencils: to write letters back home and also to sketch something. 
-Chapstick: this could help them in healing the chapped lips. 
-Disposable Cameras: to click some memorable moments. 
-International Phone Cards: to help them connect with their families. 
-Insect Repellent
-Playing Cards
-Cigars: for their unending carvings.

Do send some of these products to soldiers and let them know that you appreciate their giving’s.